Steve G Heikens

My commitment is to fair play in the workplace. As an employment lawyer, my first goal is to find a practical approach that leads to an early solution. My priority is helping you achieve a sense of justice and money, but also closure so you can move on with the rest of your life.

Usually, this means vigorous negotiating, sometimes behind-the-scenes strategizing and other times a frontal attack. A lawsuit is like declaring war and it should usually be a last resort. When you have enough of the right kind of facts – facts that create fear of legal consequences or internal politics – we can make employers thirsty for early settlement by:

    – thinking ‘outside the box’ to discover underlying motivations/politics/incentives;
    – creating thoughtful tactics and strategies; and
    – using law to provide leverage to achieve fairness.

If negotiation doesn’t succeed, then we accelerate to more aggressive strategies, including a gung-ho lawsuit. My ideal is to negotiate a strong settlement, BEFORE a lawsuit begins. Read more about my approaches in About Me for a summary of each role:

I’ve dealt with lies, sex, stereotypes, discrimination, violence in the workplace, fraud and broken promises.

If the strength of your claims is in the law, then I prefer a draft lawsuit to tell your story in a convincing way. Click on a Negotiator for a few examples of my success.

If the strength is rooted in basic fairness or office politics Or you don’t want to be in a lawsuit, I empower you by helping write a powerful communiqué to your boss’ boss. Ghost Writing is a less confrontational, but extraordinarily successful and lucrative approach. Click on a Ghost Writer for few examples of my success.

If justice requires, we go for broke – start a lawsuit and rarely look back. See Trial Lawyer for a few examples of my success.

Over the years I’ve worked with a diverse variety of clients, from all walks of life. My broad experiences, honors, recognitions & credentials are partially listed in Achievements.

You can contact me by email for more information.

Steve G Heikens – Attorney at Law
Employment Litigation