A few examples of Negotiating Settlement

    • In 1985 when no law protected non-smokers, a non-smoker claimed retaliation for complaining about smoke.   We sued and demanded that the employer go smoke free and pay her 2 years of pay. Although the executives smoked, they agreed to go smoke-free. It was the first big building in Minneapolis to go smoke-free and began the ripple effect that ended smoking in the workplace. [My smoking friends have hated me for 27 years.]
    • At-will employee, who had relocated 1,500 miles, was fired after second year. He had no claims under existing Minnesota law. Using the threat to import a new legal theory of good faith & fair dealing, it agreed to pay $440,000 to prevent a change in Minnesota law.
    • Employer fired employee after 9 months on job and offered severance of $40,000. I used a draft, but detailed, lawsuit to expose the misconduct of upper management. We negotiated settlement offer of $200,000 in cash and $250,000 in stock options.
    • A client accused a lawfirm of “selling out.” I sent draft, but detailed, lawsuit accusing the lawfirm of malpractice for missing a critical deadline and hiding it. Its first offer was 20,000. We negotiated settlement of $360,000.
    • A secretary claimed sex harassment in Xmas gifts.  We negotiated punishment for all the gift-buying lawyers and 12 years of pay.